Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dear Catholics (Kevin)

I read Teri's latest blog entry and was reminded of how much I appreciate her and love having her as my partner in this and all things. I too want to renew my passion on this journey and enjoy it. Now on to the topic of this entry.

I am convinced that the Catholic Church has the fullness of the Gospel. I have been embarassed of church for such a long time and felt guilty because I mistakenly equated this to embarassment of Jesus. Now that I see the "inner workings" of the Catholic Church I am drawn to their midst and long to share in all the sacraments with them.

I am in the middle of listening to a CD series by Ken Hensley entitled Luther and I was struck by something he said. This is what I want Catholics to know...

Mr. Hensley briefly described his conversion story and recalled that he also longed to be part of the Catholic Church and then, after he had joined, he met many people within the Catholic Church who wished the Catholic Church was more Protestant. He was baffled. I have to admit that I am baffled too. Maybe it takes former protestants to remind some Catholics what a treasure they have in their Church and history. When I am confirmed, I will take every opportunity to remind fellow-Catholics that they have the fullness of the Gospel and there is no substitute. Sure, it is feasible that Catholic Churches can be more Protestant, but what would they gain? I say emphatically, nothing! The world does not need another Protestant church! The world needs the Roman Catholic Church to stand firm in her history, tradition, and teaching.

We are "Considering Catholicism" not to see how similar she is to Protestantism, but to discover her true identity without needless comparison. If we go on and are confirmed, we will join because of the differences, not in spite of them. We will embrace the teaching, the 2,000 years of tradition, the Magisterium, the theology, etc.

To all you Catholics out there: (1) Stay Catholic! (2) Learn what the Church teaches and, in so doing, (re)discover her for yourself.

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