Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What is Left? (Kevin)

Teri noticed an announcement in the Mass program this past Sunday that announced a "Mass Class" for all interested. We thought it would be good to learn more about the Church from a source other than the written word so we went. Well, it was great. The organization of mass is inspired by and filled with scripture. There is a marriage between the old testament and the new testament and remembrance of teaching that has been taught for centuries. One of the readings was written in the 3rd century. THE 3RD CENTURY. What a spectacular history and lineage there is in the Catholic Church.

So, now we are left with one question...what is left?

What is left to question?

What is left to do?

What is left to research?

What is left to think about?

I want to answer emphatically, "Nothing."

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