Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dinner plans (Teri)

Father David is coming for dinner! We are looking forward to his company - but I'm aware, in a comical way - of the things I perceive to be different between his visit and that of a Protestant pastor.

First, Kristi told me twice I should ask him ahead of time to bless our house while he's here. Gotta ask ahead so he can bring holy water. This sounds very cool, but I'm just chicken. Still a new concept for me.

Second, he's a PRIEST!!! No one has to tell me he's still a human and a regular guy in most ways - it's the ways he's irregular (please forgive my goofiness... but come on!) He's not married and has chosen that - what is that like? What about that makes him different? How does he think and function differently than a married man? He's busy. He is barely older than I - yet his life is so focused on other things.

Third, I only really know the dynamics of the pastor life. There are lots of similarities, I can see - but also lots of differences. I think I'd just like to ask him what he thinks might be the primary differences. Maybe he doesn't know the life of a Protestant pastor comparatively. Maybe it's just all in the sacraments and the celibacy. Just the fact that I can call him up and say, "Bring some holy water!" is different.

I am rambly in my thoughts and words, and I can't help it. We really like Father David and it would be fun to have the guy over whether he was our Priest or our neighbor. But it's also a new thrill to look forward to talking to him on a more personal level - like while he sits at our table with our children and eats my cooking!!!

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Karen said...

Hi!! You need to order Father Edward L. Beck's book 'God Underneath' It is his autobiography as a priest. Then, read his other book 'Unlikely Ways Home'. I need to blog him , he is a superb human being. He came and did a retreat at St. Francis a couple of years back and he and my husband Rob became fast friends - Rob spent a week with him back in New York and whenever he is in LA (he is into books, radio,tv,.. ) we meet him for dinner. We drag Father Ken, the last priest of St. Francis with us too, since he is both a riot to hang out with and a deep thinker. This book will answer your questions about 'WHAT???' it is great. You can't help but put these people on a pedestal. I myself am too selfish to give up sex and high heels for humanity. www.edwardlbeck.com is his website. Sorry I didn't say something before. You'll love it.