Sunday, January 06, 2008

Rite of Welcome (Teri)

I've heard about this "Rite of Welcome" ever since I first "sat in" on an RCIA class - back when my mom and Tony started their classes. Last night was our night. It was very cool. Twelve of us came forward with our sponsors and Father Clarence (who is from India, which is also cool) gave us each a blessing. Our sponsors crossed our eyes, ears, mouths, hands and feet - along with prayers that we would speak the gospel, take it to others, work for Jesus and so forth. I really want to reprint the words because they're wonderful - so stay tuned. We loved it. It's bizarre to us that this happened on the very same weekend that we met the guy who wrote the book that started the whole thing. And our sponsors are the folks who gave us the book!

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