Thursday, August 30, 2007

What September Brings (Teri)

Lots of new things in our new church life this month.
RCIA - (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) starts officially next week and we'll have weekly meetings until Easter and then beyond. We've both attended RCIA, but this time it's for REAL!
CCD - Our big guy first grader will start learning more about the Lord and about the Church mid-month.
House Blessing - We want to ask Fr. Marc to come bless our house. I'm interested in seeing what this is like and in my mind it sounds cool to do it before the baby is born here.
The 21st - This is the anniversary of Tony's death. I'm wondering what is involved/what you do to have a special prayer said that day. Gotta make a phone call...
New Baby! - Sometime soon (hopefully on the earlier side of the month) our new family member will join us. He or she will make six Loves coming into the church in some fashion!
Annulment Granted? - We got the letter from our diocese saying that they approved my annulment. Now it is being reviewed at the archdiocese and that will make it final (or not). Staying tuned... praying and looking forward to a decision possibly before the end of September.

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